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Los Angeles County Superior Court's Commissioner David J. Cowan has fraudulently and negligently violated a litigant's constitutional rights not once, but twice. A criminal complaint for investigation of possible bribery by attorney Ehsan Afaghi and forgery his staff has been filed against this commissioner.

Also this Commissioner who is reportedly gay, apparently took offense from a litigant calling his adversary a faggot and in retaliation just threw his case out in direct abuse of power. This commissioner does not rule according to law, but according to his personal feelings for litigants.

Criminal complaints against this coruupt commissioner and his staff has been filed with law enforcement agencies as well as with State and County court oversight officials.

Thi judge should not be on a bench. Our aim is to make sure that not only he never becomes a judge, but that he should be dirobed immeidately for his fraudulent activities.